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Welcome to

The Humberside International Women's Club

Let us help make that adjustment easier.

We understand that relocating or adjusting to new circumstances can be a daunting prospect.


The Humberside International Women's Club

The Humberside International Women's Club was founded in 1995 and holds a monthly General Meeting with a speaker as well as an extensive programme of other social activities for women of all ages within the Humber and Lincolnshire region of the UK.

HIWC is open to both women of international background and experience, and women who have no international background but have an interest in the purpose of the Club and are willing to contribute time and effort to its activities and to welcoming international members to the area.

Purpose of HIWC

To promote friendship and provide support for women from international backgrounds or interests and to help them integrate into the local community.

HIWC is affiliated to The Open Door Network which is a network of International Women´s Associations which are non-political, non-religious, and non-commercial.

Activity Groups

We have over 22 activity groups, held all over our region

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