Welcome to the UK!
HIWC is an International Women’s club in Lincolnshire that assists ex-pats and British with international links to form friendships and settle into the Lincolnshire area.

If you have arrived here from overseas you may feel somewhat alone or even nervous. Our members understand the challenge, frustrations and fun of living in a different country.

We look after one another and become the extended family that we have all left somewhere else. We are here to answer your questions, help you discover the area and get to know the community, share some good times and most importantly, make new friends that will last beyond your stay here.

Have a look around our website to get a taste of the many activities available, events organised and diverse membership. Whether you are a newcomer or a current resident, we would be glad to meet you and hope you will get in touch with us.

Guests are welcomed to three HIWC events, including the Monthly General Meeting, before applying for Membership. Read more about us or contact us. You can also see what past members say about us.

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